Home game Anne Castroper, unfortunately without you😔 We want to bring the stadium feeling into your own four walls at least a little ... Show more

📰🥰 Which newspaper is our favorite newspaper? Crystal clear, of course the VfL echo! 😎

Of course there will be again at #BOCAUE ... Show more

🗞️ Even today there is for all #meinVfL fans who can watch #BOCOSN live anne Castroper that new "VfL-Echo auffe Hand"! 😊

But again this time we have ... Show more

New season, new VfL echo! We have further upgraded our stadium newspaper in the digital version. You can now jump back and forth comfortably on your mobile ... Show more

Honor to whom honor is due! Of course, our last ECHO edition of the season is all about Patti Fabian. For example, it contains a small best-of from the ... Show more

Of course there is also the VfL-ECHO for you today! Unfortunately you cannot read in the stadium, but you can read e.g. in downtown Bochum ... Show more

📰💙 We also have a VfL echo for the ghost game against Holstein Kiel! 😎 Coverstar this time is winter newcomer Robert #Zulj. Unfortunately ... Show more