Ladies and gentlemen, @gabigol! 🥰❤️ #CAPxFLA #VamosFlamengo

👑 ❤️ Prince and idol! Must respect! @gabigol #CAPxFLA #VamosFlamengo

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Blonde. And singing with the Nation! Up, prince! 👑9️⃣ @gabigol #FLAxCAM #VamosFlamengo

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Your happiness is ours, prince! 👑 @gabigol

Idol, forget it! 😂⚽️⚽️⚽️ #VamosFlamengo

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With the goal scored today, Gabigol reached 17 goals and became Mengão's top scorer in Conmebol Libertadores. He overcame King Zico ... Show more

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Special prince gifts for the King 👑

🎙🗣 Gabigol

We love you, Zico! ❤️ #CRF


You asked and the man is there! The words of the top scorer
Gabigol after another gala performance! We love you ... Show more

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We were happy again, huh, Prince? You're Flamengo's face, IDOL! 😁🏆 #OitoPatamar

📸: AlexandreVidal1 / CRF

Prince of the Nation & Joker!

This sequence has goals, giant performances and ... cab the cabelin on the ruler and the Flamengo shirt 🎶 #VamosFlamengo ... Show more

Did you know that Dirceu Lopes' real birthday is today, Nação Azul?

Our eternal idol was born on July 25th, but was only registered on September ... Show more

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