Danil Stepanov, Kirill Kosarev, Kirill Klimov and Ilya Agapov joined the Russian youth team to prepare for the UEFA EURO 2023 qualifying round

Danil Stepanov will spend the next season in Volgograd Rotor

20-year-old defender Danil Stepanov will continue his career in Volgograd Rotor ... Show more

Pre-match workout - ☑️

#РубинЛокомотив #FCRK

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Pre-match warm-up ☑️
12 minutes before the starting whistle! ⚽️

#УралРубин | #FCRK

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Thursday's Highlights 📸

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Pavel Mogilevets and Danil Stepanov congratulated veterans and the club’s oldest fans on Victory Day.

Football players visited Alexei ... Show more

One of the most important victories in the history of Russian football on air Match TV💥

Don't miss the broadcast of the group stage match of ... Show more