🌪️ Piazada in search of leadership!
🎥 Today's game will be broadcast by Band.

#VamosFuracão #BrasileiroSub20

Today is a decision day! Today is the day to fight for a place in the semifinals! Today is #FutebolFemininoTricolor day!

⚽️ Santos x São Paulo ... Show more

Another training session completed ✔ ☔
From 👀 in the semifinals

⚽ Santos vs São Paulo
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This Sunday (10/18) has a double journey from our #MadeInCotia base, at CFA Laudo Natel:

⏰ 15h
⚽️ São Paulo x Santos
🏆 Brasileirão U-17 ... Show more

Today is the classic day of women's football! Today is #FutebolFemininoTricolor day!

⚽️ Santos x São Paulo
🏟 Arena Barueri
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