Happy birthday, Anatoly Alexandrovich!

Today is the birthday of the chief administrator of FC Zorya Anatoly Ruvnyak ... Show more

Nikita Kamenyuka started his duties

Former Zorya captain Nikita Kamenyuk, having finished his player career, took up the duties of the deputy ... Show more

Zarya congratulates!

The players, coaching staff, administration, and management of the Zarya football club congratulate the team administrator ... Show more

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For your attention, Dmitry Smolenko's photo report on the results of the meeting of the 3rd round "Dawn" - "Miner".

Photos were added to the ... Show more

Video report of the match "Zorya" - "Shakhtar"

Ready to watch the video report of the match "Zorya" - "Miner". Author - Maxim Povarov ... Show more